30 Hour Intensive Course

Theory Test

5 attempts at the Theory Test included (booked for you as appropriate)

Full Access to Theory Test study material to get you well prepared and ready

Full Access to the Highway Code

746 Practice Multiple Choice Question covering all topics

62 Practice Hazard Perception Test clips


Practical Test

A practical test will be booked for you as soon as you pass your Theory Test.

Dates will be agreed based on your availability. Driver training will commence on the Monday before the week of your test.

NOTE: Please note it may not be possible to get a test based on your agreed week. Driver Training will not start until we have a practical test in place for you.


30 hours of Training including your Mock and Practical Test

Driver Training Breakdown

Monday – Thursday 6 hours of training daily 3 hours AM and 3 Hours PM = 24 Hours

Friday – 3 hours training AM and 1 hour including a mock test PM = 4 Hours

Test Day – 1 hour training before the test then 1 hour for the test. = 2 Hours                                                                                                                                   

Additional lessons

If you feel the need for additional lessons then they will be chargeable based on our standard hourly driver training rate of £40 per Hour. (Subject to availability)



1st Payment £380 Non Refundable   to Start then the remaining £1100 after you have passed your theory test and your practical test is booked. 

Full Payment will need to be made before the driver training starts.